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The Polka Pops "The Nation's Premier Polka Show"

Saturdays & Sundays
12:00 - 3:00 p.m.

On your radio
in West Michigan
on 94.9fm, 99.5fm &

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We're carrying on the tradition of West Michigan Polka DJs Bob (Jasiu) Whitcomb,
Ernie Pickem (Ernie Pierogi) and Jerry Baczewski (Jerry Golombki).  Jerry and Ernie
got into Polka Radio at the feet of Grand Rapids' legendary Polka DJ, the late Bob
Whitcomb, and took over for Jasiu when he retired in the 1970s.

After about 15 years on various other West Michigan radio stations, Jerry and Ernie
brought their act to WYGR starting February 29, 1992.  Despite the passing of both
Polka DJs (Ernie in February 1998, Jerry in February 1999),
WYGR has continued the great Polka Radio tradition.  

By the way, Jerry & Ernie's Polka Pops was dubbed "the nation's premier Polka show"
by a New York writer due to the great variety of musical styles featured: Chicago-style,
Cleveland-style and traditional Polkas, plus your favorite Waltzes and Obereks.  

Great music from great artists, every weekend on WYGR.
"So, what's with the funny name?", you ask...
polka  n  1 A round dance . . . in common time, with three steps to
every second measure.    
2 Music for such a dance: a lively . . . Polish
tune in 2/4 time. -- v.i. To dance the polka. [<F <Czech pulka half (step)]
pops  adj. Colloq.  1 Of or pertaining to a pervasive mass culture,
especially that of young people.    
2 Of or characteristic of the music
favored by this group. [Short for POPULAR]
Playing popular, lively Polish tunes for the masses,
every Saturday and Sunday.
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Phone:        616-248-9947 (248-WYGR)

E-Mail:        polkapops@yahoo.com

Mailing Address:
WYGR Polka Pops
3380 Fairlanes Ave SW
Suite 2

Grandville, MI  49418
The Polka Pops Crew (L to R) - George Rosinski, Scott Richards, Laura
Szczepanek, Mike Boruta, Rich Pastoor (Not Pictured - Greg Rosloniec)
Portrait by Bob Nawara - Nawara Photography